Slimming 6-Pack Enhancer Six Pack Cream - 60ml

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Achieving a perfectly toned figure takes time, patience, and consistent discipline. It’s a tough job for anyone—make it easier with this cream! With Slimming six pack cream, an  intense fat-burner, you can get perfect muscles in no time.

A fast-acting warming oil rich in natural, healthy ingredients, it promotes blood circulation and raises body temperature to burn extra calories as you sweat more. You also get longer and better workouts as it improves your metabolism and slows lactic acid build-up which can cause fatigue. Apply it to your stomach, waist, legs, arms and more for an all-around toned body.

Features & Benefits:

INTENSE FAT-BURNING - By improving blood circulation and raising body temperature, it effectively burns extra calories and breaks down subcutaneous fat. Sweat more in a shorter amount of time with slimming six pack cream.



  • Width: 4cm
  • Height: 13cm
  • Weight: 43.6g
  • Volume: 60ml

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