Are the Citronella Dog Collars effective?

Training your furry friend can be such a rewarding journey, and as dog-pawrents, we know how important it is to have the right tools available. That's why the ever-popular citronella dog collar from Calmshops is a game-changer in positive pup parenting! In this article, we're going to dive into how these collars work their magic and why they're a must-have for your training toolkit.

How does a Citronella Dog Collar work?

Picture this – a burst of natural citronella spray gently wafting through the air, catching your dog's attention just enough to say "hey, let's rethink that behavior, buddy!" Citronella, extracted from lemongrass, is like kryptonite to many canine antics. A spritz of citronella near the nose creates a pause, interrupting the behavior and giving them food for thought.

There are two types of Citronella dog collars: remote-controlled and automatic. The collars featuring a remote will require you to press a button in order to trigger the spray, while the automatic ones have in-built sensors that trigger the spray based on your dog's barking. 

How Citronella Collars Aid in Training

Gentle Correction

Forget harsh tactics – these collars offer a gentle nudge in the right direction. No harm, just a subtle reminder that certain behaviors aren't on the agenda.


Consistency is the name of the game, right? With citronella collars, you're giving a clear message every time, whether you're in the room or not. Talk about setting the record straight!


From barking battles to digging dilemmas, these collars are versatile problem-solvers. Customizable settings mean tailoring the training to fit your pooch's personality perfectly.

Humane Approach

We're all about the love here. Citronella collars offer a humane, pain-free solution that keeps tails wagging and hearts happy. It's all about building trust and understanding between you and your four-legged pal.

Benefits of Using Citronella Dog Collars:

Effective Training Tool

Testimonials galore speak to the power of citronella collars in the training arena. Say goodbye to those stubborn habits and hello to a well-behaved pupper!

Safe and Natural 

Nature's remedy at its finest! No harsh chemicals, just good ol' citronella goodness, keeping things safe and gentle for your furry friend.

Improved Quality of Life

Less barking, less digging, less stress – it's a win-win for everyone involved. With undesirable behaviors in check, you can enjoy a peaceful coexistence with your canine companion.

In a nutshell, citronella dog collars from Calmshops are a game-changer for training your pup. With their natural spray and gentle approach, they're the perfect ally in shaping your doggo into the best version of themselves. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or just starting out, consider adding a citronella collar to your training toolbox – your furry friend will thank you for it!

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