Dog E-Collars: Exploring Effective and Humane Training with Calmshops Vibrating and Citronella Spray Collars


 Dog training is a vital aspect of responsible pet ownership, and electronic dog collars have gained popularity as effective training tools. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of dog e-collars and explore three innovative and humane options from Calmshops: the Calmshops Vibrating Dog Collar, the Calmshops Citronella Spray Dog Collar, and the Calmshops Deluxe Citronella Spray Collar. These collars, available at , offer a range of features to assist in training dogs and establishing harmonious relationships. Join us as we discover how these dog e-collars can enhance your training efforts while prioritizing your furry friend's well-being.

Calmshops Vibrating Dog Collar:


Effective Training with Gentle Stimulation

The Calmshops Vibrating Dog Collar provides dog owners with a gentle and effective training solution. Utilizing vibration as a training stimulus, this collar allows for teaching commands and modifying unwanted behaviors without causing pain or discomfort. It features adjustable settings to ensure appropriate levels of stimulation and a comfortable fit for dogs of various sizes.
The vibration feature of the collar captures the dog's attention, redirecting their focus towards desired behavior. It is particularly beneficial for dogs with sensitivity to other forms of training. The Calmshops Vibrating Dog Collar promotes positive reinforcement by enabling owners to reward their dogs with treats or praise for responding correctly.

Calmshops Citronella Spray Dog Collar:

A Humane Scent-Based Approach:

For pet owners who prefer scent-based training, the Calmshops Citronella Spray Dog Collar offers a humane and innovative alternative. This collar includes a small canister that releases a burst of citronella scent when triggered by excessive barking or unwanted behavior. Citronella has a distinctive odor that dogs find unpleasant but harmless.
The spray acts as a deterrent, redirecting the dog's attention and discouraging them from repeating the behavior that triggered it. The Calmshops Citronella Spray Dog Collar is adjustable for a comfortable fit and is an ideal choice for owners seeking a gentle yet effective training method.

Calmshops Deluxe Citronella Spray Collar: 

 Advanced Features for Optimal Training

For dog owners looking for advanced features and customization options, the Calmshops Deluxe Citronella Spray Collar offers a comprehensive training solution. This collar combines the benefits of citronella spray with advanced features designed to maximize training outcomes.

The Deluxe Citronella Spray Collar allows owners to adjust the sensitivity of the bark detection, ensuring that the spray is triggered only when necessary. It features multiple spray levels and an LED indicator to monitor citronella levels. The collar's waterproof and comfortable design makes it suitable for outdoor activities and all weather conditions.

Conclusion :

 Calmshops offers a range of dog e-collars that prioritize positive reinforcement and humane training techniques. The Calmshops Vibrating Dog Collar provides gentle stimulation to capture the dog's attention, while the Calmshops Citronella Spray Dog Collar offers a scent-based deterrent without causing harm. For those seeking advanced features, the Calmshops Deluxe Citronella Spray Collar provides customization options for optimal training outcomes.

 When using dog e-collars, it is crucial to remember that they should be used as aids in the training process, not as a substitute for building a strong bond and relationship with your furry companion. Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key to successful training. Explore the range of Calmshops dog e-collars at and embark on a training journey that promotes your dog's well-being and a harmonious partnership.

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