Hello Kitty Drawing: How To Draw Hello Kitty

Would you like to try out a new hobby that helps you increase your self confidence and boosts your mental health, while keeping you relaxed? For this and more benefits, many people get started into drawing. This artistic activity is able to work as a therapy that anyone can profit from. So, if you are dealing with difficult situations or high stress levels in your daily life, then it might be a good idea to experiment with this fun occupation. Now, if you are a cartoon or anime lover, we are sure that you are a big fan of Hello Kitty as well, which has lately positioned itself as one of the most popular characters among people of all ages, especially when it comes to the little ones. 

Although this little kitty is a fictional figure from Japanese origin aimed to be an essential part of the cute popular culture of this country, it is nowadays easily recognized by people from all over the world and from several backgrounds. The idea of modeling a cartoon for the first time does not have to be overwhelming, in fact, you can take advantage of this time and space as a way to spend time together with your young kids, having the chance to create amazing memories and taking care of them while you also relax. In this article we will guide you through the creation of this simple yet beautiful cartoon by drawing it. So, grab your favorite kids drawing set and get ready for the fun.

1.Begin with an oval for the head

As you get started to draw this cute kitten, you are probably thinking which style of this character you will create, as there are several designs available on the internet. In order to make it easier for either you or your kids, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes less means more. Taking this statement as the foundation of our work, we will start by the basic, classic Hello Kitty drawing that everyone knows.

Here, you will want to delineate a big oval for the head, making sure that you trace two lines at the center of the face, which will be a guide for the nose and eyes. This technique is often used to add more details later.

2. Add facial features and ears

Draw the eyes with a couple of ovals and then under them, a little nose in between. Next, we will sketch in a triangle for each ear, and as you know, three whiskers at the side of each eye, here it is important to let your hand loose and relax.

3. Let’s do the ribbon and the body

Now, with your pencil you will delineate one circle and then two small ones at each side, making sure that they overlap the larger one a little bit. Then add a couple of triangles to do the rest of the bow, one triangle on each side. Now, it is time to draw a big rounded triangle for the body, plus two oval figures for the feet (take into consideration that the character is sitting). The last part of this step is to create another couple of ovals depicting the arms and two tittle circles to represent the thumbs.

4. Draw the clothes and outline the cartoon

Finally, just draw any cute clothes you like and then, use an eraser to eliminate the guidelines that do not belong to your drawing. Your creation is done!

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