how to curl your hair with a straightener

Probably when you think of getting a sleek hairstyle with the iron, the first thing that comes to your mind is a quick flat straight hair, but it is always great to be resourceful when it comes to look ideas. The current trends are all about wavy and curly shapes, so don’t let yourself be intimidated by trying out new ways of styling your hair and take the chance to test these options next time you want to nail your look. The awesome thing is that you can use the same flat iron that you use to straighten your hair, plus there are many different techniques you can practice, so you can choose what feels more practical for you, here we show you the most common ways to shape your hair:


Slide Waves

This technique is suitable for both a casual or glamorous style, which makes it one of the most popular. You want to start by holding a 1 inch section strand and clamping the iron down the length of your hair while you flex your wrist in and then make an extension, rotating out. These movements have to be alternate until you are done with this hair strand and then continue to the next one, keep in mind that the ends of your hair must be ironed inside and under to look more sophisticated. A slower and short movement will provide a formal image, while a fast and loose shape will tend to make you look casual.


Real Curls

If your goal is to achieve a defined curl then you should give this technique a try. Turn your iron the whole 360 degrees, wrapping up your hair firmly and finally pull it up to full length, once finished with this section it will look so much different since the curl is complete, and you can pass to the next strand of hair until you are done. Remember that you can decide in which direction you rotate your wrist, so make sure to keep an uniform pattern on each side of your head.


Braid waves

Before making your first attempts with the techniques previously described, you may want to get started with a very easy style that everyone is able to master. Simply get your hair braided in as many braids as you want, the more loose you want your look the less braids you will need to make. Once you have them done, you will clamp your iron around the braid for a few seconds and keep going down with the next portion of hair until the ends. This will create a relaxed beachy look with a fun twist.

Getting started

One thing to consider if you are a beginner is to avoid touching the curls while they are hot as this can make them weak and loose. On the other hand, if your curls seem too tight and you prefer smooth waves, you should use a brush when your hair is still a bit warm until you see the desired form. Once you reach some experience level, you can start modifying the techniques to create your own style. Remember to enjoy the learning process and you can start with the method that feels more comfortable for you. Feel free to use your creativity!

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