How to flat iron black hair - Expert's tips

When it comes to straightening your hair, there are a lot of things to keep in mind, the truth is that this just becomes more challenging if you have black hair. But having the pertinent advice will for sure equip you with enough tools to make an informed decision before buying a straightener. Most people think that using a heat-protectant will compensate for any mistake done in the process of ironing the hair, however, it is much better to avoid the damage rather than having to fix it afterwards. So, if you are looking forward to rocking sleek straight black hair without breakage or damage, continue reading.

Fresh start

You will want to start by having a fresh mane because this is radically linked to the quality and durability of the results you are going to obtain. So it is a must to set the stage by cleaning your hair, aim to wash it with a special frizz-fighting care cream, avoid rinsing your strands with hot water and use a rather lukewarm temperature, which will help you to keep the natural oils in your hair. Once you wash it with shampoo, use a nourishing deep conditioner only from the middle down to the ends of your curly strands.

Smooth locks

While you have the conditioner working on your hair, you can get a round of detangling. Yes, many curlies find beauty benefits by detangling the hair while it’s still wet. If you have not tried this technique before, you might be surprised by the excellent results it provides. To try this method, you need to use a wide-toothed comb or even your fingers. The important point is to be gentle because hair is more vulnerable when it is wet. You should also avoid combing your hair directly under the faucet with running water, in order to keep it free from breakage.

Hair prep and blow-dry

After having your hair smooth and silky, it’s necessary to blow-dry your strands. However, there is an essential (and often neglected) step in between, preparing your damp hair in the correct way. An acceptable prep routine consists of simply taking the whole mane and spritzing enough heat protectant, which will aid against frizz. Next, you can dry your hair and here it’s important to focus on your roots by blowing them upward, then you can finally continue with the rest of your hair downward while creating a straight shape in direction to your shoulders. Now, you are set to start straightening your curls like a pro.

Choosing the right temperature

Let’s be honest, the common mentality around flat irons is that the hotter the best your result are going to be, the truth is that just because your straightener has the ability to heat up to 450 degrees does not mean that it will provide the best looking hair, knowing that your hair is unique will allow you to treat it in an exclusive way. In fact you will end up finding out that you need to vary the temperature in different sections of your head. For example the crown area tends to be the curliest section, here is where we will need to apply more heat, while the rest of the hair will usually need a lower temperature. Although there are many tips you can use to take care of your hair, remember that it is always better to avoid damage instead of dealing with the negative side effects. Now, you are ready to straighten your black hair like a pro.

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