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New Calmshops Anti Blue Light Glasses for kids - now with rounded frames. NEW COLOURS AVAILABLE.

These pairs of glasses come without magnification and prescription, being suitable for kids between 4-10 years old.

 Blue Light Blocking - Kid's glasses (NON-prescription) for daily use when kids are using a computer, iPad or smart phone. These glasses can cut harmful blue light, can reduce eyestrain and headaches, while protecting children's eyesight. 

Sleep Better - Block blue light and reduce eye strain that affects childrens' bodies circadian rhythms and prevents health issues 

Type: Kids Glasses
Color: Solid Red&White, Transparent Pink, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue
Style: Anti Blue Light wiht rounded frames
Lens Material: AC
Lens Function: Anti blue light/Radiation Protection/UV Protection

Glasses Dimension:

Frame Width: 127mm 

Lens Width: 51mm 

Lens Height: 46mm 

Nose Bridge Width: 20mm 

Temples Length: 130 mm 

Weight: 17g (0.6oz).

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