anti blue light glasses for kids

From early ages, kids spend gradually more time in front of a screen, whether it is for entertainment or for school assignments. Especially during Covid-19, when most of the classes were conducted online, children were exposed to prolonged  screen time.

How do the anti-blue light glasses work?

The sunlight contains different types of coloured light, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet, each having its own different wavelength and energy level. 

The blue light levels are emitted from different light sources, both natural (the sun) and man-made (such as all screen types including televisions, tablets and smart phones). However, for the unprotected eye cannot block the blue light on its own. 

Gaming and Computer Glasses are explicitly designed to block out the harmful ultra violet and blue light that leads to eye strain and what has commonly come known as 'computer vision syndrome'. The symptoms that eye strain because of prolonged screen use can include headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision. 


Fashion or actual health benefits?

The Anti Blue Light Glasses for Kids are not just a fashionable accessory for children. but they also can be a way to protect their eyes against the effect of blue light emitted by screens.

Especially when learning from home, the kids require spending extra time using the tablets, smartphones, laptops or PCs. The Anti Blue Light Glasses have a light design and are comfortable to wear throughout the day, to avoid tiredness and read eyes.

Best perks of the Anti UV glasses for kids

Not only they are available in multiple colours and shapes, but the anti-blue light glasses have been designed to be comfortable to wear, with non-pinching hinges and a lightweight frame. Moreover, they have scratch-resistant lenses, which make them perfect to be used by the clumsiest kids, too.

Please note that the anti-blue light glasses do not require a prescription from your GP. However, they cannot correct the vision problems, so we do not recommend using them as replacement for prescription glasses.

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