Are Electric dog collars safe for your dog?

We know the struggles a new pet owner goes through, especially when it comes to training their new puppy. Just like toddlers, dogs have their own personalities; some might be easier to train, while with others it can be a real struggle.

 As a  pet owner myself, I have dealt with accidents in the house during "potty training", with aggressive episodes, while my puppy was either shredding the mail or rip apart all the pairs of shoes left unattended, plus resistance when trying to teach him how to respond to the recall. Giving your dog treats works wonderfully, but more and more puppy owners have chosen an upgraded method of training: electric collars.

What are the electric dog collars?

 An electric dog collar (also known as an e-collar) is a device that delivers electrical stimulation of varying intensity and duration to the neck of a dog, aiding in training the respective pet. 

Electric dog collars come in different shapes and sizes, with numerous features:

The most popular dog collars are the shock and non-shock ones, but are they safe for your dog?

How does a shock dog collar work?

Shock collars were popular more than hald a century ago, when they were used to train hunting dogs. Nowadays, people often use shock collars to train their pets and correct their negative behaviours (barking, jumping, running away from the owner, being aggressive etc).

Contrary to popular opinion, a dog training shock collar does not represent a punishment method, but more a deterrent - something that will stop your dog from performing an unwanted action. 

Although the shock given by a collar is safe, because it will not cause any lasting physical harm, electric shock dog collars are forbidden in the UK. The reason? Some of the previously manufactured collars were considered cruel and were banned in 2018. 

"Remote controlled electronic training collars (e-collars) have a remote device that triggers an electronic pulse, which can be varied in strength. As well as being misused to inflict unnecessary harm and suffering, there’s also evidence e-collars can re-direct aggression or generate anxiety-based behaviour in pets – making underlying behavioural and health problems worse."


Are there safe electric collars available?

The electric collars sold on Calmshops were produced with the dogs' safety in mind. This means that, instead of potentially hurting your dog by sending shock signals to the receiver connected onto their collar, they only produce vibrations, which are not meant to hurt or punish your dog, but, as mentioned above, to distract them from performing a negative behaviour.

These collars have no electric/static shock, which means they will not cause harm to your puppy, by potentially burning their skin or scaring them, but will only attract the attention of your pet and help you in training them more efficiently.

However, if you find that the electric dog collars from Calmshops do not work properly for your pup, do not forget that we have a 30-days money back warranty.


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