Colour for eyebrows: How to choose the perfect eyebrows colour

How to choose the perfect eyebrows colour

Whether you are big into fashion trends and catwalks or recently getting started in the make-up world, shopping for the correct product to style your brows can be a difficult situation, especially if you are not sure about which shade fits you best among the available options. If we talk specifically about brows, one of the most important things to consider, are the additional factors that influence the colour and texture of them, including the material of a given product (whether it is gel, pencil, powder or a pomade formula) and the procedure you follow (brush up or in an outer direction, delineate to emphasise the outline of your brows, or also the internal part). But all in all, asking this fundamental question is a must if you want to showcase stunning eyebrows ‘which colour should I pick for my brows’. 

Your particular features

Taking into consideration the previous factors mentioned, plus additional influences like our skin tone and eyes shape and colour, the answer is far from simple. In this article, we will share with you some of the best techniques you can put into practice to discover the right shade for your brows, helping you look like a pro. So, continue reading and get ready for the makeup of your dreams.

Let’s talk about your style

If you are the kind of natural beauty who likes to wear light makeup, you may want to achieve a subtle, delicate look for your brow, and you will certainly get the best result by choosing a colour that accurately matches your precise brow colour. On the other hand, if you aim for a heavier, rock-star kind of brow, a darker shade than your natural colour will be your perfect kickside.

2. Dare to create new combinations

For a natural look, you should be willing to experiment with the effects you can create by mixing different shades, which will also be helpful to give the impression of a 3D brow. You will want to begin by applying colour on all of the sparse parts with either a powder product or a pencil, then you will add some gel at the central area to make your brows look fuller and darker. This will prevent your brows from looking artificial and boring. It is highly recommended to mix two or more products on your brows, including pomades, pencils, powders or gels. One of the benefits that you get from making combinations is an improved texture, meaning that your eyebrows will appear fuller, natural and more defined.

3. Picking your colour

The previous advice is very helpful to make a good decision in case that you want to shop eyebrow colour now. When you are shopping for your preferred product, keep in mind that gels work better when it comes to creating a subtle shade of brows, since these products only add colour to your actual brow hairs. If you are interested in achieving a more dressed up, defined style, you can fill your whole brows with a pencil or pomade.

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