Are you interested in using new makeup products but don’t have much experience? It is quite common for beginners to find themselves shopping for cosmetic items and feeling really overwhelmed, especially due to the huge amount of different products available that in some cases, may seem the same. Probably you want to shop makeup now, but you first need to learn the basics about how to use counselors, contour options, bronzers, eyebrows pencils and gels, it is very important to know the products that will work the best for you, according to factors like, weather conditions, duration required and of course, personal preference plays a big role as well. If you want a complete and simple guide to create the best looks with easy makeup techniques and tricks, keep reading and get ready to rock a chic new style.

Basics first

This list will be about the products you usually need during the first steps of your beauty routine. While you may not use all of them, it may be a good idea to be informed in case that you need to incorporate new items in the future.

The primers can often be found in the form of gels, creams or atomizers that are meant to give you a good texture, preparing your skin for further steps in the makeup process. Foundations come in liquid, powder and sometimes cream presentation, these work wonders at evening out your skin tone, by making your skin smoother. The concealer will help by covering up the common imperfections that you might have in your face, such as pimples or freckles.

Highlighters and contour blends aid in the transformation of facial features, creating amazing effects in your chin, nose, forehead and wherever you apply them. You should also use blush and bronzers that serve to add a touch of sun-kissed glow, emphasizing and lighting up your cheekbones, nose and other areas. Finally you will want to make sure you have a flawless finish by applying enough setting (also known as finishing powder), which will help you to achieve an amazing matte look that lasts for hours, keeping in place all the hard work you just did.

Eye beauty options

Just like you did with your face, it is a good idea adding a primer to help your eye makeup to stay in place as you go. A proper eyeshadow can be used in the eyelids area to emphasize your nice eyes features, giving you a more bold and energized look . If you are looking for a product that defines the shape of your eyes in an harmonic way, you might want to try an eyeliner. In order to define and boost your eyelashes, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality mascara. Then you will also want to give a nice shape to your eyebrows and make them look fuller, some great options for eyebrow makeup come in gel, pencil or powder.

Lip products

In order to prevent your lip products from shading away, we recommend you to use a lip primer. Then, a lip pencil will help you to enhance the outline of your lips before you apply a color to your whole lips. Then just use a lipstick or even a lip gloss at the end, which will add an extra layer of color and a glossy texture, you can find them in many shades.

A simple makeup process to get you started

1. Get your skin ready and apply foundation

First, it is essential to wash your face properly and apply a suitable moisturizer, according to your skin type and preference. Neglecting this important step will not only give you bad results but can also be damaging for your skin, especially if you keep on doing it for a long period. Then apply a primer that is also specific for your skin type, followed by a proper foundation, here you want to start by the T-zone, which includes your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Now you can blend your product aided by a brush, which makes the procedure very simple and fast. Apply the concealer on those uneven areas such as around the eyes and the nose, as well as in any scar or imperfection.

2. Creating the perfect texture and shaping your facial features

Aided by a brush, apply  the setting powder, after making sure that you removed the excess of product on it. Then you want to press it into your skin carefully so you keep the previous work in good conditions. The  ideal contour to use as a beginner is the powder formula, you will apply it gradually and in sections, starting under the jawline, followed by the region below your cheekbones and the upper part of your forehead, and don't forget the sides/edge of your nose. Now, you are ready to start with your bronzer, once you have selected your favorite tone, blend it around your forehead, cheekbones and the chin area.

3. Creating captivating eyes

Depending on the type of look that you like to create, you should apply different products on your eyes, but mostly, we suggest you to incorporate makeup like a neutral eyeshadow, high-quality eyeliner and a mascara to achieve an amazing style that will make you look stunning, whether you want to spend an evening hanging out with your friends in the downtown, or going to the office to a regular work day, this simple products can be a game changer. Keep in mind that an eyeliner with creamy consistency is a better option for a beginner, since it tends to feel easier to apply.

4. Get the final touch with a lip product

Besides doing eye-makeup, this is probably the favorite part of most girls when they are learning makeup techniques. You will want to use a lip primer, followed by a lip liner that properly defines the exterior part of your mouth. Now, you are ready to add a pop of color to your makeup by filling your lips in with a beautiful lipstick, while you can choose a satin or matte effect, you can also add a layer of lipgloss and get a fabulous glowy effect.

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