How to keep your dog healthy - Lose weight with your dog

If you still haven't gotten to the summer body you desired, there's still time - and we might even have some helpful tips for you, in case you have a furry friend to excercise with. 

In one of our previous blog posts, we spoke about how to run with your pup and what should you take into consideration, to ensure that both of you enjoy the activity. 

We love every body type, but we are aware of the fact that some people might look for ways to lose weight or get toned, and we are here to help with tips and advice. 

Setting a weight loss goal

At the start of your weight loss journey, you have to set realistic expectations for you, especially when you're planning to slim down considerably. This includes an excercising and nutrition plan, which should be recommended by a nutritionist, depending on your body type. 

A very important part in your weight loss process is finding a buddy to excercise with, in order to keep you motivated - and who's best at working out with you than your pet? 

Numerous dog breeds can develop weight issues - in fact, the research conducted by APOP (the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention) in the last few years show that over 50% of the dogs were at risk for weight-related disorders. 

How can you tell if your dog is overweight

 Is your dog less active? Have you noticed that their collar or lead has gotten a bit too tight for them, or during their walks, they experience shortness of breath more often? Those might be signs that your pup is putting weight on. However, you should always consult your vet regarding what should be a healthy weight for your dog. 

Your dog's diet also plays an important fact in their weight gain, so you should keep an eye on how much food you're serving them daily. If the recommended food quantity for your dog's breed, size and age still seems to be contributing to their weight gain, your vet could suggest a new feeding plan and/or an exercise routine.


Running with your dog

In our previous article, we spoke about the importance of easing your dog into a jogging routine, making sure they stay hydrated and safe at all times. 

The summer of 2022 has registered extremely high temperatures, which made it difficult for dog owners to stick to an active routine, without putting the pets' lifes in danger. 

The main advice received from the vets is to avoid the sun exposure, which means taking your dog for a run early in the morning, when the temperatures are lower, to ensure that your dog's protected against heatstroke or paw burns. 

Find cooler places, such as forests or meadows, where your dog can rest and cool off, and always use a hands-free dog lead, so you can control where your furry baby goes, while running with them. Plus, we've noticed how much our dog contributes to pushing us to run faster - when attaching the dog lead onto our waist, our pet has the tendency to run faster than we do, pulling the lead and forcing us to increase our jog speed. 


Can jogging help you lose weight?

Constant physical activity & cardio can help you lose weight, and running is a fun way to burn calories, get toned, and lose fat. Moreover, your metabolism is boosted when jogging, and all your muscles are being engaged, your blood pressure gets regulated, and your heart's health can improve, reducing the chances of stroke or heart diseases. 

To increase the fat burning process, we recommend you to wear sweating clothes, such as Sauna Vests & Sauna Pants. They are built from materials that work to heat your body & increase the blood flow, producing up to 5 times more sweat.


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