The best electric dog collars on the market

To train their dog as best as possible, many dog owners have started using e-collars as an aid. The demand for e-collars has increased during the Covid-19 period, where many families were stuck at home and decided to get a pet, to cope with the situation.

In one of our previous blogs, we mentioned about the importance of knowing the features of your e-collars and of choosing the right type of accessory for your dog, keeping away from electric shock collars, which are currently banned by the UK Government. 

 Below, you will find a list of non-shock dog collars and their features:

4. No-Shock Deluxe Dog collar


Sleek and discreet, this training Dog Collar is adjustable, waterproof, and rechargeable. 

It is remote-controlled, allowing you to:

  • Select whether you want to trigger the vibrations, the beep sounds or both.
  • Increase the intensity from level 1 to level 8 - test to see which vibration setting is suitable for your dog and to which it responds best;
  • control the receiver on your dog's collar from up to 300m;
  • change the chanel on your collar to control 2 different receivers and train 2 different dogs.

In only 2 hours, the battery of the remote and receiver will be fully charged and ready to be used. Suitable for 3+ months old puppies.

3. Anti-Bark Auto Collar

 Anti bark dog collar

What makes it so special is the fact that this dog collar does not need you to press a button in order to activate - it gets triggered by the vibrations in your dog's throat. 

As a warning signal, the first bark will not trigger the vibration. However, if the second bark occurs in the next 30 seconds, the collar receiver will start vibrating. The process will continue at up to 30 seconds intervals. If your dog stops barking or takes longer than 30 seconds for its next bark, the process resets. It is important to be noted that there if your dog triggers the vibration 7 times within 60 seconds, the device will cool-off for 2 minutes.

It features 5 adjustment modes, with beep and vibration, and is rechargeable.

2. CalmDog Training Collar


With a range of up to 800m, this remote-controlled dog collar features 2 vibration modes (normal and extra strong vibration), a beep mode, and a flashlight, to ensure that you can walk your dog freely even during the evenings or early mornings.

With 3 different channels, this remote can help you control up to 3 dogs at a time; you'll have to ensure that each dog has its own lead with a receiver attached to it.

USB Rechargeable, waterproof, small and discreet, this dog collar is a fantastic aid when it comes to training your furry friend.

1. Citronella Dog Collar

The first dog collar on our list is the Citronella Remote Controlled Collar from Calmshops. Other than the Vibration, Beep, and Light modes that were common in the other collars on our list, this particular one comes with an exclusive feature: the Citronella Spray. Its purpose is not to create harm to your pup in any way, but to distract them from a negative behaviour. The receiver comes filled with up to 30 puffs of spray, but can be refilled with our Citronella Spray (sold separately).

Rechargeable & adjustable, this dog collar is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs. 


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