How To Style Glasses And Bangs Like A Fashionista?

Nowadays, it is common to see a great amount of women who wear glasses, thinking that it is complicated to successfully adapt them to their look, especially when it comes to rocking a beautiful hairstyle. In this article we are going to debunk this myth and provide you with some guidelines, which will enable you to explore which shape and colors you can adopt, specifically if you are interested in getting bangs. This advice will be helpful whether you are looking for a radical makeover or just some kind of light adjustments, that slightly improve your overall image in glasses and bangs, either for a one-time special event or for your daily life.

If you are the kind of girl who believes that wearing glasses automatically translates into being left behind, in terms of engaging in current trends, then you need to rethink this statement and challenge yourself to try out something new. Although you might need to do some changes on your outfit, you can perfectly use your eyewear and enjoy an amazing, refreshing appearance. Regardless if you need correction spectacles for your daily activities or wear your blue light glasses for work, these tips are useful for you. So keep reading, get ready to boost your aspect and change the fashion paradigm.

1. The wispy bangs experience

This great shape will give you a smooth image which works great when you have a petite size. This is mainly thanks to the lightweight haircut in the front part, which in consequence provides more visibility around the forehead area, creating a relaxed and casual look. One of the ways in which you can play with the wispy bangs is by adopting a kind of messy hair, aiming for a trendy but laid-back style. This is definitely not your classic haircut since it may seem a bit underdressed by some girls, however, it is often a matter of getting used to enjoying different things in terms of fashion. Another side benefit for those girls with long hair, is that these bangs work amazingly good when you tie your hair back as well. 

2. Messy pixie all the way

Just think about a short and messy haircut for a moment. Well, it is no surprise if you know someone who incorporated it into her look, as there have been many enthusiasts of this style in the last years, and it is one of the top picks for women of all ages who wear eyeglasses. Short hair has been a top pick for women over 50 years old, however more and more younger women are daring to give it a go, and they liked it . Although many people think that this type of look requires no maintenance, it is always a good idea to get a nice treatment that enhances your messy pixie, but yes you will find out that it is simpler to keep your hair healthy and stunning. If you want to see some stunning examples, you can check out Rihanna, Katty Perry and Halle Berry.

3. A  classic: Low side ponytail

If you are the girl who is often under a busy schedule, then you can rest assured that you do not need to spend hours in front of the mirror, when trying  to achieve a chic look, a low side ponytail can work just perfect for you. When a girl ties her hair back, this simple trick tends to emphasize the facial features and details, including your glasses, and this works especially well for oval shaped faces. Now, you can be sure to add a beautiful change to your look, and just need to make sure to wear nice glasses, and you can also add a touch of femininity if you use a special accessory, such as a beautiful lace or earrings. 

4. Do you dare to get blunt bangs?

A more recent hairstyle that has made its way in the current trends is the blunt bangs, and the consensus is that it is actually a bit harder to get used to it, and the reason behind is that it requires commitment to the maintenance routine that you will need to have. So if you are used to spending more than a few minutes getting ready to go out, then it will probably be a good choice for you. Keep in mind that you will also need to invest in some products to help keep your hair in place. This haircut looks amazing when combined with dark-framed glasses, and you can make it look even more beautiful by wearing a chic red or pink lipstick. Some of the celebrities who inspired this current trend are Ariana Grande, Constance Wu and Rashida Jones.

5. A-Line Bob for the win

This unique haircut is characterized by letting your mane shorter in the backside of your head and increasingly longer, as you reach the front part. It has a significant angle, which commonly starts from the posterior part of the neck and continues towards the front at the level of the chin or shoulders, so it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. This original shape gained popularity in the last few years but according to hairstylists, this haircut will not be out of fashion in the foreseeable future. Plus, it works amazingly in combination with glasses, allowing your jawline to look slimmer and for this reason it is recommended for women with broad faces. Some of the celebrities who have absolutely rocked this style are Selena Gomez, Ellen Barkin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

6. The oldie but goodie: curtain bangs

Getting this type of bangs will help you look very chic and stylish if you have glasses, so you can wear them with great confidence. This shape is a good idea if you are looking forward to doing something innovative with your hair. Although this is an old fashioned trend from the 70s era, it looks very femenine and vintage styles always come back. Contrary to regular 

bangs, this cut design makes your hair go sideways and looks perfect in girls with a long face. Your curtain bangs will look even better if you make sure to wear glasses with big frames. Among our favorite personalities who have adopted this beautiful style, we can mention Jennifer Lopez, Zooey Deschanel, Alexa Chung and Georgia May Jagger, which you can see for more inspiration.

7. Rock a silky shag

This amazing style works great if you have glasses (regardless of the shape) and a short to medium hair length, it is usually chosen by women with narrow faces. Before you go ahead and try out this girly haircut, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to take care of your mane, as this shape looks much better when the hair is kept in place. So, this option can be a go to if you do office work or you like to have a formal, professional look. One of the benefits of using a neat, silky shag is that you get to emphasize your facial features, so you will surely look sophisticated, sharp and will frame your face and glasses like a pro.

8.Keep it simple with side bangs

This is hands down one of the most popular hairstyles of all times yet it does not go out of fashion, and it will look especially refreshing if you have not used this style in some time. If you do not have bangs at all and decided to get a simple haircut like this one, then it can be a game changer, as it is often the subtle adjustments on your look that make the difference. These beautiful bangs go hand in hand with glasses and do not require such high maintenance as regular ones, plus you can also grow them out easily if you want to go back to your previous haircut. Now, if you already have bangs and want a slight but cute change, you can add some glow by dying it, adding some colorful purple or pink highlights. Some of the stars that can definitely inspire you to choose this look are Chloe Bennet, Annie Murphy and Kelley Flanagan.

9. Embrace the baby style

Now, let’s talk about a serious hairstyle makeover. If you want to make a massive change and get everyone to notice it, you should try with baby bangs, which works wonders on girls with oval-shape faces and glasses. When choosing this transformation, having balanced face features will keep a harmony because this haircut displays your forehead like nearly no other. You can also see people refer to this bold haircut by the name of cropped bangs, and you can get them with all kinds of hair lengths and colors, just be mindful that the attention will be drawn not only to your forehead but also  to your eyes, especially your eyebrows. Keeping them looking nice it’s always a good idea. Some of the celebrities who have made this hairstyle an iconic one, have been the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn and the talented Lily Collins, of course.

10. Long hair with bangs, you can’t go wrong

If you are a huge fan of fashion, you have probably noticed that in the last couple of years short hair has been introduced as a heavy trend.However, long hair will always be a preferred style for many women, especially those who value femininity or simply love their hair. Well if you can relate to this type of girl and wear glasses, you are lucky. This haircut looks great on women with straight hair and those who wear big frames as well. You can let the bangs grow slightly below your eyebrows and add some accessories to accentuate your look. When you get this haircut you will experience that bangs and glasses are one of the cutest mixes. Some living proofs of this statement are Demi Burnett, Penelope Cruz and Anne Hathaway.

11. You can’t resist the sunny ombre

If you thought that getting bangs with glasses was a boring idea, think twice. From shapes to waves and different lengths, there are plenty of variables you can play with. The option we bring for you this time is adding a spark of color and sophistication, if this sounds exciting to you, it might be a good idea to try out the ombre style. This alternative can be a great opportunity to include some extra warmth to the upcoming summer season. If you are getting used to wearing your glasses, this option will help you by taking the attention off your eyeglasses and redirect it towards the rest of your face. Beyoncé, Lea Michele, Emma Stone and Tyra Banks are just a few of the beauties who have nailed this amazing hairstyle.

12. A neat overgrown pixie

If you wanted to go short but were not sure that it would be a good match with your glasses, this is the sign you were looking for. You can definitely go short and keep a sweet femenine look that accentuates your beautiful features, regardless of your age. This is also a suitable option for those women who already rocked a tiny, pixie haircut and are now ready to go back to longer hair. Many girls keep cutting their hair mostly because they do not dare to let it grow again, if that’s you, you can rest assured that a grown pixie can be well paired with eyewear too. You can also explore how you feel by wearing beautiful accessories, such as a headband or a lace, so that you can choose whatever feels more comfortable.

13. You can’t go wrong with a pair of low buns

Many girls do not get to experience much fun with their looks because they tend to keep it pretty much the same overtime. The truth is that most times you don’t even need to dye or even cut your hair to get a revitalizing change, a couple of messy buns. You will look casual and laid back, yet fun and youthful, if you were looking for a real deal for your glasses, this is it. We especially recommend it if you are in your teens or early 20s.

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