Running 30 Minutes a day: Is It Enough To Lose Weight?

Running 30 Minutes A Day

Wondering if spending 30 min on the treadmill or running at the park will be helpful to lose additional weight? Running has been among the most popular fitness tools, not only famous for helping us stay healthier and active through the different stages of life, but many people in current times also use it as one of the top strategies to lose those additional pounds. Experts actually agree that running is great when it comes to getting in good shape, especially if you keep consistency and create a schedule that incorporates this activity into a regular routine. If you are trying to discover how you can enhance the benefits of running in order to lose weight, then you are in luck. In this article we will share with you some tips and tricks that you can apply to magnify the results obtained.

Although any cardiovascular activity is helpful to lose weight, one of the best alternatives to increase the benefits of running is by pairing your normal routine with a healthy, balanced diet, adequate hydration and getting enough sleep at night. In addition to this, there are further strategies that can be helpful to improve your shape and make you feel more self confident as you go, let's talk about it.

Be consistent, keep going

One of the most important elements about losing weight, regardless of the technique you are using to transform your body, whether it is a waist trainer, shaping massages, reductive therapies, exercising, dieting or sleeping properly, you will not see the effects in an immediate way, but you often need to invest some time for a significant period. Just in the same way that you did not gain weight overnight, good changes are also slow, if your goal is to see long-lasting results. As you remain consistent with running and additional healthy choices, you will see continuous and gradual results. 

Now, let me get it straight, being perseverant on a goal does not necessarily mean that you need to do this activity every single day. It is easy to fall into the trap of a ‘no days off’ mentality, but it is way better to set realistic goals that we can achieve than being over-demanding and failing to stick to our plan, so avoid the temptation of being unrealistic when setting expectations. Take consideration that resting is a key part of any training routine as well, it is during this time that your body can recover and get ready to keep moving forward.

The more information you have, the better: track your expended calories

Probably you have wondered if you can afford having an extra bite of cake, taking into account that you just finished your running session of the day. Well, there is an underrated tool that far more people should be using in order to improve their training and eating habits, getting to know a close estimate of the calories you expend during the day will allow you to ensure that you keep a steady progress towards your fitness goals, by not exceeding the calories you eat above those you regularly use. 

Do your research about ways to know the calories you expend in your daily activities, so you can keep a control over them, which will also require you to know the amount of calories contained in your foods. For example, it might be helpful to know that when we run at a pace of 10-minute per mile, we can burn about 114 calories, and we find about 300 calories in a slice of cake. A resource that you can incorporate to be more precise is the use of an app to record your daily calorie intake, and a kitchen scale to measure how much you eat in a precise way.

Importance of a caloric deficit in your daily routine to lose weight

As a helpful method to shed the pounds you are getting through your meals, you don’t really need to do strenound running routines that last a long time. The one and only key to losing weight in an effective manner is to be in a consistent calorie deficit, which can be created and favored if you do a physical activity such as running, swimming or lifting weights at the gym. Probably you are wondering what a calorie deficit means, it is simply the fact of expending more calories than you are consuming. To put it simpler: calories in must be lower than calories out, this is the reason behind the nutritionists and fitness coaches recommending you to stick to these two ‘secrets’, good low-calorie food and physical activity. 

Once you learn the calories contained in certain foods, you will master how to eat in a balanced way. Now, to be healthy you will also need to pay attention to other things, such as drinking as much water as you need, getting enough micronutrients and fiber, as well as a good source of proteins. Our recommendation in this regard, is to look for healthy habits that you enjoy. This is in fact the easiest way to stick to those routines and experience joy as you see improvements.

To keep in mind

As we get to the end of this article, we want to remind you that running for 30 minutes a day in a regular way that you can maintain over time, is enough if your goal is losing weight. Never underestimate the importance of staying consistent, even if you experience setbacks or slow changes. You can adjust as necessary, but keep going. Also, stay mindful about the importance of exercise, a good and balanced nutrition, enough sleep and water during each day, as well as any additional cosmetic treatments or techniques that you may want to try.

Some of the extra resources that many people implement to see further improvements, especially  in terms of an enhanced figure, are shaping massages or similar therapies, the use of waist trainers or belly shaping panties,  which are described as easy and quick ways to provide support to the midsection of your body. One of the benefits that women experience with the use of these garments are the visual effects they instantly create, helping them to achieve an hourglass figure. If you decide to shop waist trainers now, make sure to follow the rest of the tips mentioned in the article to see great results.

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