Is Nivea Good For Your Face? The Ultimate Guide

As technological development takes place, skin care is ever-changing. However, Nivea cream is one of those few products that has traditionally been part of many women’s skin care routine. Nearly anyone in her 30s has tried it at least once, in fact, as soon as you read or hear its name, the long-established navy jar comes to your mind, along with its well known artificial, floral scent. So, today we will have a talk on the general attributes, but we will also disclose some of the rather peculiar facts about this popular formula, that probably you also have on your own cream shelf.

If you have ever tried Nivea, you will perhaps describe it as a rich, thick moisturizer that can be used in any part of your body during any season, and this is actually the heavily marketed statement that has been spread around women from all ages. Many users of the classic blue cream give it a positive review, as they have experienced deep hydration and a smoother,  silky texture on their skin. But, as surprising as it can be, this famous cream might not be as versatile as it has been said, in fact, it could be a product you need to avoid. It all boils down to your particular lifestyle, skin type, weather conditions and genetic predisposition to some skin affections, among other factors. Keep reading to know if Nivea would be a suitable option for you.

Does it work for all age groups?

In this regards, it is important to be aware that this cream can be a good option if you are the kind of girl who is starting to take care of her face skin (let’s say, if you are in your teens), or if you are looking forward to keep your skin care routine on a budget. Then, we can assume that you are not so used to investing large amounts of money on face creams, and it can be the case that spending a long time and a significant amount of money will be overwhelming, this is completely normal at the beginning.

Always, in terms of money and time, you should keep in mind the saying “something is better than nothing” . It really does, whatever you do for the sake of your health, including the state of your skin will pay off in the future. In addition to this, busy ladies who tend to have a tight schedule can try to incorporate this plain cream into their daily routine. However, we do need to mention, as we will see in the next points, that even if you are pretty young, your skin could have some adverse reactions, as it can happen with any skin product you use for the first time. 

Once you get to a certain age (30 or more), it is our suggestion to move on to a different, more specialized cream or serum that delivers augmented results according to your own needs. After all, using the one-fits-all kind of products is rarely a realistic solution in the long run, when you want to see evident improvements. The definitive factor to recognize when is the optimal time to change a face cream, is up to the effect it leaves on your skin, meaning that while it keeps delivering a nice texture you can continue its use with confidence. Remember that it is normal to stop seeing so much improvement after a while (weeks or months), when using any skin products.

What about the package?

The thin, easy-to-recognize, navy packaging makes it so simple yet remarkable and you will definitely not confuse it with any other cream out-there, which is the unique purpose of a successful premium brand, as this outside image actually has the potential to work as a silent salesman. The retail package has the power to convince the customer to ultimately make a purchase, it is also a valuable opportunity for the brand to stand out in the crowd, as well as make its product memorable. This is clear proof that the packaging design can make or break a deal,  resulting in an essential aspect of the branding. If you appreciate potability and lightweight products, this is a great go to as you can easily carry it in your purse and take it everywhere.

Fragrance and ingredients

Although the scent is pretty subtle, when compared to other products, it does incorporate artificial ingredients to its formula. So, if your skin tends to be sensitive to new components, you need to be aware that a synthetic fragrance formula could be damaging to your face  . While it is marketed as an enriched, nutritive cream that provides you with an intensive hydration and protection against dryness, it is a smart idea to go through the components mentioned in the ingredients list.

As you may imagine, water is the main element we can find in this cream, working as a solvent for the rest of the components. Then, we have mineral oil, which is really refined and inert making it a great moisturizer for dry complexions without causing any irritations. However, mineral oil will not act as a nourisher and for some people it tends to feel heavy on the skin. Besides this ingredient, you can find petrolatum that helps to prevent water loss on your epidermis, plus it is non-comedogenic. After this, you have a long list such as glycerin, microcrystalline wax, lanolin alcohol, paraffin and panthenol, among others. 

For the purposes of this informative post, we will not mention all the components and their characteristics one by one. In this case, we strongly encourage you taking a look at the full list of ingredients, since it will help you to identify if this is a safe option before using it, even when it is recommended for all skin types.

The bottomline: texture and finish

Nivea cream might be wonderful for the kind of person who enjoys thick formulas that literally feel like butter, which in the same way, needs to be in contact with your skin (fingers or palms) for some seconds in order to melt down and be properly applied on your body, hands or face. Now, depending on the amount of product that you decide to apply, you could actually see a thin layer of cream, or at least feel it. 

As we mentioned in the previous point, this product creates a barrier on the top of your skin, which can feel too heavy or just uncomfortable for some people, especially those who are not used to using this type of texture. One common option is to use this rich moisturizer exclusively at night and another type of cream for the days, especially if there will be some sort of exposure to the sunlight. However, many Nivea users’ reviews describe the finish of this cream as non-greasy, making the face feel softer and smoother right after applying.

What would be a good alternative to Nivea cream?

If you are interested in a skin product that targets the so-called expression lines as well as other aging signs, you should try a product with natural extracts in order to intensively nourish the skin at a deep level. Some of the best ingredients are the classic aloe vera which aids wound healing, and hemp oil that also restores and smoothes the skin. Another amazing option is beewax borage oil which helps to reduce dark spots, making your skin tone more uniform. A hemp face cream is a great product to incorporate to your daily skin-care routine and see significant improvements on your face that can be long lasting after a continued use. Keep in mind that any product you choose, should feel right when applying it and afterwards, and you also need a good cleanser in order to take away all the make-up products and pollution from the day.

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