What Is The Most Expensive Dog Collar in 2022?

When it comes to finding the perfect training collar for your dog, you have to bear in mind that you will probably fail -a lot! and that is part of the learning process for both you and your fluffy, four-legged friend. In fact, you will only find the best dog training collar once you have gone through many trial and error rounds, which is helpful to understand the type of stimulus that better catches the attention of your dog, and this is a good indicator of the direction in which you definitely want to move. However, teaching some basic behaviour rules or fun, challenging tricks to your furry friend can become really expensive and break your bank if you have no clue of where to start. 

These reviews are intended to teach you about the most expensive dog collars available in the marketplace, and most of the time, an expensive tool can be translated into a superior product, meaning that the quality provided is absolutely exceptional and hard to copy by its competitors. Once you learn the following aspects affecting the price in dog collars, you will be equipped with enough information to make a wise decision before making an important investment that can actually deliver the expected results. So, keep reading our following top remarks and get ready to train your dog like a real pro.

ET-300 Mini Educator Remote E-Collar 

This type of training device can be quite defiant to dog owners who are getting initiated in guiding their dogs, or perhaps are dealing with their own pet for the first time, and the reason behind is that being off-leash demands more effort since this type of technology is relatively new for most people. These electronic collars make it easier for you to implement corrective methods when teaching your pet the right behaviors, allowing you to do it even if your pup is away from you. 

Although this is an innovative gadget that can be suitable for many users, it can be very tricky to understand the way it works. The interface is not the most friendly, according to some reviews, so reading the instructions carefully is definitely a must prior to starting to use it. One thing to consider besides the complicated design, is that it is more expensive than other similar options.

eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs

While the huge majority of training collars are adjustable to make them fit according to your pet’s neck diameter, the eXuby is specially made for tiny pups since it is designed for pets who weigh 15 pounds or less. One of the things that the creators of this special device thought about was the bulky and sometimes heavy receiver, which is not a realistic solution to train any dog. You can expect to have some of the regular functions often offered by collars, such as sound, shock stimulus and vibration, giving you the freedom to effectively guide your pet at a distance. 

Among the benefits you can find in this tool there is a long lasting battery, portability to carry your collar even in your pocket and it has a friendly interface, so you will need just a few minutes to understand its use. However, the cons include a shorter range of distance to operate effectively, and you might want to be careful if using the shock setting as it could be too strong for petite dogs.

If you are all about positive reinforcement training, then our top suggestion is this Dog Training Collar from Calmshops, which is waterproof and includes a remote control that will allow you to send sound or vibrating signals instead of shock, having the ability to easily communicate with your pup for up to 500 meters, so you can use it from far away. By getting this gadget, you can rest assured that you will learn how to use it after some minutes, as it has only three intuitive buttons that allow for an easy operation, and you will have the option to change between different working modes.

Best overall: Dog Training Collar from Calmshops

This product is made out of high-quality material that warrants your dog to be able to get into the water,  so you can take it for a swim or a bath with the collar on and you will have no issues. You will have all the settings and adjustments made displaying on the collar screen, which works with blue LCD technology. Plus, you will enjoy long training sessions without having to worry about the battery, as this device has a built-in lithium battery that you can recharge once you need to. 

One of the last things you want to happen when you are training your dog, is having any kind of interference caused by similar products around, which is covered by this collar as it implements digital automatic code memory function. Contrary to what you may expect, this is a very affordable choice, so all in all this is a great collar, and you should definitely try it if you want to make a good investment in your dog’s training.

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