How to style your hair on the go - USB Hair Straighteners

We know that humidity is the biggest enemy for your hair, especially when it's frizzy, in general, or with a wavy to curly shape.

Spending at least 30 minutes in the morning styling it might end up being useless if the foggy weather has a say in it. We thought about how to help your hair maintain its beautiful hairstyle throughout the day, without covering it in thick layers of hairspray or heavy products. The solution is simple: USB Rechargeable Hair Straighteners.

What are the USB Flat Irons

When looking for a flat iron, most of the ladies are searching for practical devices, easy to be used, with high temperature settings and, preferably, ceramic plates. The hair straighteners should not damage the hair and their styling effects should last for as long as possible (or, at least, until the end of the day).

The USB Flat irons are Cordless Hair Straighteners - instead of being dependent of a power supply during the utilisation, they require a couple of hours of charging and can be used without being plugged into any power socket. This makes them portable and also able to be recharged in your car, on your PC or power bank.

USB Hair Straightener

The benefits of a USB Hair Straightener

1. Use them on the go

If you are in a rush and you want your hair to look good, you can use the hair straightener in the bus, Uber, parking, subway or in the public toilet - your hair will be styled in less than 20 minutes, whether you want to curl it or straighten it.

2. Multifunctional design

It not only works as a hair straightener, but also as a curling iron. Plus, due to the narrow shape of the plates, it can create flawless curls in no time.

3. Portable

They are normally smaller than the regular hair straightners, which allows them to fit in your purse or hand bag, so you can use them in the car, in a public bathroom, during lunch breaks or any other places and occasions you may require your hair to be styled for.

4. Travel-friendly

You don't have to think about buying UK, EU or US adapters when travelling to  countries that require different plugs - the USB Cordless Flat Irons can be recharged using any USB port available, whether it is in your car, on your laptop, computer, power bank or any other device that has a USB slot available,

How to style your hair on the go - USB Hair Straighteners


If you belive the USB flat irons are what you are looking for, check the two USB Cordless hair straighteners from Calmshops and choose the design that suits you the best.


Calmshops hair straighteners USB


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