Do slimming vests work

The lockdown has been rough on everyone's mental and physical state - gyms are closed, social distancing doesn't allow us to exercise in groups, and the motivation to work out is simply not there. When our mental health is affected, we tend to find comfort in food, which translates into a few pounds gained here and there.

What are the slimming vests?

A slimming vest is a tight top built from waterproof, non-breathable material which will accelerate the sweat production. It uses a heat-trapping polymer fabric to enhance your natural body heat and promote sweating. Wearing a sweat shaper while working out and during daily activities creates a sauna-like experience: your body temperature will rise, you will sweat more and your body will get toned faster. 

The outer performance compression fabric instantly slims and shapes your figure, while also supporting your muscles. Also, the anti-slip waistband ensures the Sauna Vests stays in place and doesn't shift on your body.

Do slimming vests work?

Will the Slimming Vest help me lose weight?

You should instantly look slimmer just by putting it on. The Sweat Vest's special design will tuck your tummy and shape your waist and hips. You will eliminate easily the water retained in the upper part of your body, getting toned. Ideal for exercises, accelerates weight loss through compression and sweating process, reducing your waistline size by burning your extra tummy fat.

What kind of exercise can I do while wearing the sauna vest?

Anything from cardio to yoga, jogging, cycling, weight lifting and the list can go on will give you better results when combined with a slimming sauna vest. You can wear the vest throughout the day - it doesn't smell, it's light, stretchy, dries fast, and it's machine washable. The polymer material repels moisture to quickly dry and always stay fresh so that you won't feel wet or sticky from the excess sweating. Moreover, it moves and stretches with you during workouts. 

You can wear it underneath your regular clothes or on the top of a sports bra - it features a fashionable design and works with any sport outfit.




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