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 Kids Gaming Computer Anti Blue Light Glasses are explicitly designed to block out the harmful ultra violet and blue light that leads to eye strain. Blue light comes from all screen types including televisions, tablets and smart phones.
 Research has shown us that blue light is the primary cause of eye strain and what has commonly come known as 'computer vision syndrome'. The symptoms that eye strain because of prolonged screen use can include headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision. The naked eye is not very good at blue light blocking. Blue light is the cause of digital eye strain and 'computer vision syndrome'.   Symptoms include headaches, eye strain, dry eyes and blurred vision.
 Our Kids eyes are not good at blocking harmful blue light and furthermore, smartphone filters that “warm screens” through methods such as “night mode” have mounting evidence against their blue light blocking ability. Therefore, Gaming & Computer Glasses can be a solution to those looking to protect themselves against Blue Light. Our Kids Anti Blue Light glasses are stylish and are specifically designed to be thin and lightweight. This, coinciding with Anti-Blue Light technology can help against eye strain!
High quality, strong lightweight plastic material body, strong hinges and scratch prevention treated lenses. 


  • frame width: 125mm
  • mirror width: 49mm
  • frame height: 43mm
  • nose spacing: 18mm
  • temple length: 118mm.
  • Material: Acrylic AC, TPEE



Click here to read more about the blue light blocking glasses.

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