Anti Bark Collar for Dogs, Rechargeable Anti Barking Training Collar


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Automatic Bark training collar

  • BARK DETECTION CONTROL - This anti bark collar activates automatically only when your dog starts barking. No false triggering, helping you train your dog in an easier manner.
  • WATERPROOF - This automatic bark collar can be used in any weather conditions, without breaking and without putting your dog in any kind of danger.
  • RECHARGEABLE - Built-in USB port to recharge in maximum 2 hours. The 480mAh battery can last for up to two weeks of use.
  • No-Shock training collar - teach your dog to behave and train it to stop barking with the adjustable vibration intensities.
  • Adjustable collar, making the automatic anti bark collar suitable for all dog sizes, from the smallest breeds to the larger ones.


If your neighbours complain about your dog’s barking and you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, Calmshops comes to the rescue. Our latest Anti bark dog collar is an elegant smart training collar that will help you teach your dog how important it is to stay quiet.

This anti bark collar has 5 levels of adjustable sensitivity and 2 training modes - beep and vibration. Stop the barking without hurting or punishing your dog

Automatic Triggering Sensor - this smart anti bark collar is equipped with a special feature which picks up the vibration caused by the barking and activates automatically. This represents an upgrade from the anti bark collars which used to activate based on sound (which made them sensitive to other dogs barking nearby, too). 

How does it work? 

As a warning signal, the first bark will not trigger the vibration. However, if the second bark occurs in the next 30 seconds, the vibration will trigger. The process will continue at up to 30 seconds intervals. If your dog stops barking or takes longer than 30 seconds for its next bark, the process resets.

Your anti bark smart collar will automatically “cool off” for two minutes when triggered 7 times within one minute. 

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