Compact Mirror With LED Light - USB Rechargeable Pocket

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Compact Mirror With LED Light - USB Rechargeable Pocket

 Do you want to look good any time of the day and not worry about how your make-up looks like? Our Calmshops LED mirror will fit in every pocket (even the pockets of your skinny jeans) and will guarantee to help you maintain a flawless look throughout the day (and night).

Built from solid plastic, this beauty device from Calmshops features two mirrors (regular and 3x magnifying), adorned with an LED Light ring, which makes it easier to apply your make-up, pluck your eyebrows or even take better selfies. The LED light comes in 3 different settings, so you can always find the one that flatters and accentuates your features better.

In order to light up the LED ring, simply touch the button at the base of the Calmshops LED Pocket Make-Up Mirror. To switch it off, press the same button 3 times - you need to go through all the light options in order for the light to switch off.

Once the battery of the LED light runs out, simply connect the charging cable to a USB port - laptop, PC, socket - and allow the mirror to charge for around 2 hours.

Elegant & Stylish, the Calmshops LED Make-Up mirror comes packed in a simple box. Available in Pink (with white logo) and White (with black logo).

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