Best Places for dog walking - Pet Owners' Answers

Sometimes, walking the dog around the block might not be enough for your four-legged buddy. If you have an active dog (especially a puppy, with extra energy), you might want to avoid it "blowing the steam" by ruining your furniture, shredding boxes or ripping your shoes apart.

As dog "parents", we have a few ideas where your dogs can safely use all their energy, without you having to pay a fortune. All you might need is to make sure you're not wearing your Sunday clothes and, preferably, have with you some Wellingtons.

Dog parks

There are plenty of fenced parks, where you can let your dog run free and socialise with other furry friends. Fenced parks are the best place where you can practice different commands, such as reliable recall and fetch.

In fact, in our local dog park, we've seen plenty of dog owners with pockets full of treats, ready to train their dogs to fetch the ball, sit or roll. We normally take with us the vibrating dog collar with its remote - it comes in handy when you have a stubborn dog, who is still learning commands.

You can also find dog parks where, for a small fee, you can benefit of an enclosed, cleaner space, specially designed to aid you in training your dog.

Open fields

Usually, you can find open fields outside towns or in between villages - they are perfect for dog owners who enjoy running, as well.

We have noticed that our puppy tends to be more receptive to recalls when in open fields (as if he's aware of the fact that he could get lost and he wants to make sure he's staying close). 

Running with your dogs regularly helps your pets sleep better, offers aid in the bowel movement for them and also allows you two to bond better.



Running with your dog through a forest might be a real challenge - especially when your dog likes "hunting". Forests are the perfect place for sniffing - all the scents and sounds will stimulate your dog's senses and you might find them rushing to follow the trail of squirrels, deer or rabbits.

If you want to make sure your dog stays near you, a running lead might come in handy. You can attach it to your waist and connect the elastic lead to your dog's collar, allowing you to keep your hands free and enjoy the hiking.



Let us know in the comments what other places your dog enjoys to be taken to.

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