How does a waist trainer work  -The complete explanation

How does a waist trainer work

Are you looking for ways to get a thinner waist? Perhaps some of your friends have tried a waist trainer before, or you have seen the Kardashians or some other trendy celebrity wearing these garments -mainly on social media, convincing you to shop for a waist trainer now. But first of all, it is a smart idea getting to know how they actually do the work. If you are looking for honest and simple advice that might be helpful, in order to know the facts behind the use of waist trainers, then we recommend you to read this practical guide, which will go over some of the important elements to consider when it comes to this cosmetic product. So read on and clarify your concerns.

What exactly is a waist trainer?

To put it in simple words, waist trainers are apparel articles made out of resistant fabric (special textiles) and some of them also include metal or other hard materials, with the purpose of creating a supportive inner structure by wrapping it around the midsection of the body, most of the times with the aid of little hooks or velcro. These garments are used under regular clothes for beauty purposes, especially regarding the body shape, aiming for an hourglass effect, where the intention is to make the waist thinner. Another way many people describe waist trainers is basically as a modern version of the traditional corset, which was very popular among women in former times.

For which purposes are waist trainers used?

Shape improvement

The thought process and experiences shared by many genpop users as well as plenty of celebrities, including Amber Rose, Jessica Alba and Farrah Abraham, among many others, is that the prolonged and consistent use of a high-quality waist trainer as an undergarment tool, provides an incredible support to keep in place the shape created, ultimately leading to an impressive waist size reduction, giving place to the so called hourglass figure.

Weight loss

Although some testimonies claim to lose a small amount of weight and size around the desired area, this might be caused by a loss of body fluids due to the compression. If you decide to perhaps wear your waist trainer for a long period and it overlaps with your meals, there is a chance to notice a decrease in your appetite which will lead to eating less and a posterior weight loss, and the reason behind this situation is that your stomach is under compression. 

What manufacturers advice

Waist trainers’ makers often provide a clear suggestion to pair the regular use of a waist trainer with a healthy diet, as well as an adequate exercise routine, which is very helpful to see improved results. In order to lose weight, you don’t actually need to wear this item during your training session as this may cause discomfort, due to the movement restriction that you will be experiencing. Plus, you will have more freedom to breathe if your mid section is free from any external pressure as you exercise,  so our recommendation is to use your waist trainer exclusively at rest, once you finish training.

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